If you have not had too much experience with saying goodbye it is difficult at first. If you have stayed in the same place, same enviroment for most of your life, your friends, family and most of the people you know will most likely have stayed with you for a long time, whether that is good or bad depends on your story and your circumstances.

However, once you start travelling you have to learn one of the most dreaded things about life, saying goodbye to people. It is one of the hardest things to say no matter how many times you say it.

What makes it even more difficult is the people who have impacted your life in a significant way in a short amount of time. Your friends and family in your everyday life, they become moreso your friends to due life circumstance and because it is convenient or it just happened to be.

When you are on the road and travelling however, it is different. You create a deep bond with people because you were open to the experience because you wanted to be in that situation. You made the willing choice to make new friends and meet new people.

When it is time to go, when it is time to leave, the first goodbye will make you feel numb and as if though your life is empty and no longer as bright as it used to be. But after some time the pain subsides and you learn to accept that people go in different paths and you learn to appreciate the beautiful experiences that you have with people.

There a comes a point though, where you’ve said goodbye too many times that you get used to it, that you get a little jaded with the whole experience of saying goodbye to people. You don’t feel much any longer, you are not as emotionally moved and swayed.

A part of your innocence and a part of you dies in order to cope with the feeling. Your body and emotions get adapted to the experience. As much as you want to feel the same way that you used to the first time, the sad truth of life is that you can’t have the same feeling ever again once you pass a certain threshhold.

It’s as if your body goes numb and emotions go numb from all the experiences you’ve been through. It is somewhat similar to the movie, Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise. He sees Emily Blunt die over and over and over again that he becomes too cynical and jaded to even continue.

It is a phase that many seasonsed travellers will have to experience, the process of going the emotions of detachment and numbness. You start wondering whether you should keep on travelling and what’s it all for.

You start wondering, whether you are running away from something, or a part of yourself, or whether you trying to find something in life that you never was able to get. In some ways we might be even trying to recreate the same old feelings within our lives, but just not getting that same level of high.

When you are young, innocent and naive, your mind is more maliable and you are able to experience life in its highs and lows much more strongly than when you are older and matured. Perhaps we are missing that feeling of innocence and the younger part of ourselves that we go as far as to trying to relive those moments exactly as we used to.

However, maybe it is better to accept that life goes in different stages and life has different experiences in store for us. And saying goodbye is just a part of life when you are nomad on the move.